Former Staff Friday: Stephany C

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Many unique and courageous individuals have served a CMT summer (or two!) over the years. All our staff have been skilled in different ways, but they had one very important thing in common: a whole-hearted YES to God's call in their lives. In this weekly blog series, we will get a glimpse of what these passionate [...]

Fertile Ground for the Seeds of Christ – Summer Mission 2018, Bogalusa LA.

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Greetings from Bogalusa, Louisiana! This week team Juan Diego served three youth groups from the parishes St. Katherine Drexel of Minnesota, St. Anthony of Padua of Nevada and St. Henry High School from Ohio.  These ~70 people in turned served the community of Bogalusa, Louisiana. All glory to God, we were able to help several residents [...]

So Much More

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Hi All!! We just finished our second week in Beaumont, Texas and had an incredible time there! This past week we had a group from Minnesota join us as we partnered alongside Nehemiah's Vision to help with Hurricane Relief. Each small group was sent to a different house to help in whatever way was asked of [...]

We are One Church

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Team Guadalupe made it to Beaumont, TX. This week, we had 45 people, from two different parishes. (Also, to mention, there were two other groups at the retreat center) With our large group, we learned how to live and grow in community. Besides rotating in the dining room and sharing limited bathrooms, we were able to [...]

Being A Missionary at Home.

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Hey Y'all! Team Guadalupe reporting from Houston this week! This summer when I found out I was going to be in Houston I was not too excited and questioned what God could possible have for me there. Houston is only an hour way from where I live. I joined CMT  with the intention of going somewhere [...]

Hola de la Republica Dominican!

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Hola de la Republica Dominican! This past week we have had the privilege to work alongside an organization called NPH, Nuestro Pequenos Hermanos, with a group of college students from the University of Arkansas. NPH is an organization that strives to create a family environment for “vulnerable children living in extreme conditions.” We have had the [...]

Divine Mercy in the Mountains

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Hello everyone! My name is Jasmine and I'm one of the four CMT staff on Team Juan Diego. This week Team Juan Diego had the blessing of being in Cumberland, Kentucky with the youth group from the Divine Mercy Parish in Indiana! We've all experienced immense spiritual and personal growth in this week alone. While most [...]

Immersion Week!- From Carly Haynes

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This past week, the CMT family had the opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ during our Immersion Week in Culpeper, VA. What a fruitful experience it has been! We worked alongside Habitat For Humanity to assist in the construction of a young family's house. Team Juan Diego built a deck for the family [...]

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