My name is Michelle Perez and I am grateful for the ability to walk with the mission groups and our team on their spiritual journey. Every year we see the Holy Spirit working so powerfully in the hearts of the young people who serve and God pouring His graces into the missionaries who devote their summers to leading mission trips. God has blessed me and my husband with 5 beautiful children on earth and 2 in heaven! We are a mission family and strive to bring God’s love to everyone we meet. In my role as Executive Director, I am excited to help CMT grow while remaining faithful to our mission of equipping Catholics in the call to be missionary disciples. I would love for everyone who visits our site or has a son or daughter attend a mission trip with us to become a lifelong supporter. We need people who are passionate about serving the vulnerable and ministering to young people to pray for the missions daily, to become monthly recurring donors, and to support on the mission trips on the backend. If you feel the Holy Spirit calling you to serve with CMT, please reach out to us. God places in our hearts desires that he wants to fulfill. Let your gifts and talents glorify God.  Please join us in prayer, support, and service!

Favorite Saint: St. Therese of Lisieux

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From the very start of my time serving as a missionary, I have been keenly aware that I cannot serve without the support of my mission partners. My husband, parents, kids, family, and friends sacrifice so much to make it possible for me to manage the operations of Catholic Mission Trips, Inc. Your prayers uphold me.

“Some people give to the missions by going, others go to the missions by giving. Without both, there are no missions.”

St. Pope John Paul II

I am excited to share with you my journey with God as a missionary and invite you to become one of my mission partners. Everything that we have is from God and everything that we give is from God. Where is God asking you to invest? Please consider joining me on mission by making a one-time or recurring donation to support the work of Catholic Mission Trips, Inc. We value every donor who has made a mission trip possible – to reach teenagers and minister to those in need is only possible with the support and prayers of mission partners. We would be honored to have you partner with us. I look forward to connecting with you and experiencing mission together!