Greetings from Bogalusa, Louisiana! This week team Juan Diego served three youth groups from the parishes St. Katherine Drexel of Minnesota, St. Anthony of Padua of Nevada and St. Henry High School from Ohio.  These ~70 people in turned served the community of Bogalusa, Louisiana.
All glory to God, we were able to help several residents by building wheel chair ramps, cleaning out a barn,
painting a couple of rooms, installing insulation and even being the first friends 6 year old Brenden has had!

While this week has had its challenges, it proved to be great fertile ground for the seeds of which Christ has planted, to begin to blossom. The teens have learned to cater to others not for their own benefit but for the love of others, our neighbors. The spirit of Christ was overflowing through the community and in turn they have taught each and every one of us about serving, loving authentically and sacrifice.
We give thanks to the Lord for calling us here to serve these teens and the community. We will continue to pray for this group, as well as the other youth groups we have served with, that the Lord will continue to nurture their hearts and guide them to become the men and women that they were created to be.
Jasmine Coles