St. Anthony Catholic Church, ZuniHousing in New Mexico will be at a church, school, or volunteer center in the Gallup Diocese.  Participants should plan on bringing sleeping bags and/or air mattresses. Guys and girls will have separate housing facilities.  The Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., staff will sleep separately from the group at all times. Check with your site coordinator for more housing details.




Meals will be provided starting Sunday evening when you arrive, until you depart the following Saturday. The only meals that are not included are your free day meals. Breakfasts are generally continental and we pack a sack lunch. Dinners are always hot.

Work Projects

Work projects in New Mexico are either serving on one of the Reservations or working with the Diocese of Gallup. We go where the need is the greatest. We have worked on the Zuni Reservation, St. Bonaventure Indian Mission, renovated convents and schools in diocese, and assisted the Little Sisters of the Poor in their care for the elderly poor.

Free Day Option

Each group has the option to use one of their days as a free day. Most groups plan on taking Friday as their free day. If you time it right, you can go during the week they have the rain dance, which is very interesting to watch, and a great experience for all involved. There is also hiking near one of the mountains, hot air balloon rides out of Albuquerque, and souvenir shopping downtown.


Pray for good weather. If we get rain, it’s possible that the outdoor projects will be cancelled for the day. Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., will try to arrange both outdoor and indoor projects for each group.


$375 per person


  • If your group would like to serve in New Mexico, give us your dates and our staff will work to meet your needs. Email Megan @ [email protected]


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