Hey Y’all! Team Guadalupe reporting from Houston this week!

This summer when I found out I was going to be in Houston I was not too excited and questioned what God could possible have for me there. Houston is only an hour way from where I live. I joined CMT  with the intention of going somewhere other then home. However God showed me that you can still be a missionary at home. That you can still serve him with out having to leave the country or state you live in. There is so much work that needs to be done at home and at time we are so focused on how to help everywhere else but home. This week God gave me peace and love for missionary life that starts at home.

This week our team had the opportunity to work with Good Shepherd Parish based out of Texas! Our group as a whole had the privilege to work with Saint Bernard Project or SBP for short. SBP helps out with national disasters and the rebuilding that takes place right after one happens. Down here in Houston we helped by rebuilding a home that was ruined by Hurricane Harvey.

*mudding wall so it can be painted*

*bathroom crew*

A lot believe that Houston is back up and running, but the truth is that there are many places that still need to be rebuilt. Many people who are living in homes with damage still there. The after math of Harvey is very present in some parts of Houston. We learned this week that Houston has an estimated 10 year recovery from Harvey. Good Shepherd Parish knew that there was work to be done and came down to help their fellow neighbor with open hearts. The home we worked in was badly damaged by Harvey and had a lot of work to be done, However our group came ready to be put to work. This group got to work by rebuilding a bathroom, installing dry wall, muddling walls, and stared to painting. Never once this whole week did work seem to much for them. Gods was working wonders though this amazing group. This group really embodied what it means to be a missionary at home! Thank you so much Good Shepherded Parish for being the hands and feet of God this week! Y’all killed it on the work! 

In him,