Housing in Puerto Rico will be at a large and comfortable house or retreat center. Most housing has linens provided. Guys and girls will have separate sleeping areas.  The Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., staff will sleep separately from the group at all times.


Meals will be provided starting Sunday evening when you arrive, until you depart the following Saturday. The only meals that are not included are your free day meals. Breakfasts are generally continental, lunches are packed, and dinners are always hot.

Work Projects

In Puerto Rico, we are working alongside local communities to rebuild homes and churches following the destruction caused by hurricanes.

Free Day Option

Most groups take Friday as their free day and go to the beach or to explore San Juan.


Pray for good weather. If we get rain, it’s possible that the outdoor projects will be cancelled for the day. Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., will try to arrange both outdoor and indoor projects for each group.


$650 per person


  • June 14-20
  • June 21-27 (This mission trip is open to individuals 18 or older. Fill out the application form here.)   
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  • June 28-July 4
  • July 5-11