Welcome to Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., where we equip Catholics in the call to be missionary disciples. Established in 2008, Catholic Mission Trips, Inc. had its beginnings in 1998 with one youth minister and 10 teens. Inspired by St. Mother Teresa and Pope St. John Paul II, Steve Nasche, a Youth Director for a Catholic Parish, wanted to do a mission trip to let American youth experience the culture and spirituality of Mexico, as well as assist the people by building homes, chapels, and schools.

South Texas

Soon after, Steve had other catholic parishes joining him. Thus the concept of Catholic Mission Trips began. We have since grown into a full-service ministry and lead mission trips for young people all over the world! We understand that there are lots of people out there who would love to go on a mission trip, but just don’t have any connections or think it’s too difficult to plan. That is where Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., comes in. We do the planning and handle all the logistics for you. All the parish group needs to do is sign up and come. We handle everything else. We make it as easy as possible for groups to have a life-changing mission trip experience.

We have experienced an overwhelming response since our humble beginnings. We have been a part of mission trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Haiti, Belize, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, India, Cameroon, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, and Louisiana.

Our Logo

The tools express that we are Service-Oriented. We engage in construction projects for the poor, put our faith in action, and leave an expression of God’s protection behind. The home symbolizes that we are Relational. We are about rebuilding our relationships with one another as we experience the joy of family life on our mission trips, ultimately rebuilding the domestic church. The seven windows express that we are Sacramental. We live in and out of the Sacraments on our mission trips, living out of our baptismal call as priest, prophet, and king, activating the gifts our of Confirmation, as our source and strength of the mission as we have daily Mass, Adoration and Reconciliation. The central cross claims we are Christ-Centered, as we offer and unite our sacrifices and suffering on the mission to Christ to bring forth victory to the world. The airplane shows that we are Spirit-Led, blazing a trail behind us to set the world on fire in the shape of an eclipsed moon as seen in our patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, Mary who God placed Himself in to unite Heaven and Earth to make us all one. The logo as a whole states that we are Formational as we equip missionary disciples in a week of prayer, formation, service, and community life back to their own communities at home.

Help us Grow

Does your parish already do work in a foreign country? If so send us the contact name for your leader and Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., will try to organize trips to further the work that your parish or community has begun.

Our Patron Saints

“What frightened you, what afflicted you is nothing; do not let it disturb your face, your heart, do not fear this sickness or any other sickness, nor any other sharp or hurtful thing. Do not be afraid. Am I not here, I who have the honor to be your Mother?” –Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, Star of the New Evangelization, Patroness of CMT

“Unless we believe and see Jesus in the appearance of bread on the altar, we will not be able to see him in the distressing disguise of the poor. ” –St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

“Young people of every continent, do not be afraid to be the saints of the new millennium! Be contemplative, love prayer; be coherent with your faith and generous in the service of your brothers and sisters, be active members of the Church and builders of peace.” –Pope St. John Paul II

“It is a great blessing for souls to be under the protection of the saint whose name makes demons tremble and flee.”-Bl. Bartolo Longo about St. Joseph