Many unique and courageous individuals have served a CMT summer (or two!) over the years. All our staff have been skilled in different ways, but they had one very important thing in common: a whole-hearted YES to God’s call in their lives.

In this weekly blog series, we will get a glimpse of what these passionate Catholic missionaries learned about their faith and themselves during thier summer.

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This week we are highlighting Stephany C., a funny and passionate young woman from Texas who served this past summer as a senior staff. Stephany and her team, Team Guadalupe, lead mission trips in the Dominican republic, Texas, and Louisiana during their summer.

Here is what Steph has to share about her summer:

“This summer was one I will never forget. Serving each group that came in showed me something different about myself. This summer was not an easy summer. There was a lot of trials each and every day, but at the end it made me a stronger and more faithful servant of Gods plan for me. Serving the teens and the people in each community was a very fruitful experience. I will always carry a part of each and every person I meet this summer with me. CMT summers are not easy as I found out but they are well worth it. The Lord teaches us at every moment of our lives, its just sometimes He speaks to us in a whisper. This summer I learned that I was not listening for his whisper.”

Now that her summer is over, Stephany is back home again in Texas putting the skill of listening for God’s whisper into action as she actively discerns her call to marriage with her fiance, and seeks permanent work in youth ministry.

Stephany, thank you for all your hard work this summer!