This past week, the CMT family had the opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ during our Immersion Week in Culpeper, VA. What a fruitful experience it has been!

We worked alongside Habitat For Humanity to assist in the construction of a young family’s house. Team Juan Diego built a deck for the family along with aiding in some of the work that needed to be complete around the job site such as power washing the side of the house, sweeping the inside of the house, and picking up trash. It was such a growing experience, offering up our prayers to God in work that we were doing.

Aside from just getting manual work accomplished around the site, Team Juan Diego also had the opportunity to get to know the neighbors, the contractor whom we were working with, in addition to getting to know Jennifer (the future home owner of the Habitat For Humanity house) on a personal level. Getting to hear Jennifer’s story and witness her giving her testimony about how God has been at work in her life was truly inspiring. As missionaries, we are called to take care of the whole person- body, mind, and soul. Having Jennifer open up to us about her relationship with Christ and being about to witness the fruits of His work was the most impactful part for Team Juan Diego throughout our Immersion Week.

As for Team Guadalupe, they had the opportunity to serve alongside the Rossetti family. A family that has been so sweet to our staff throughout the entirety of our stay in Culpeper- making us meals, praying for us, and providing us with authentic joy when in their presence. The Rossetti’s needed some help with a few home renovations as they are preparing to welcome the newest member of their family into this world! Team Guadalupe, along with the help of Abby, Mary, and Dante Rossetti (the children of the Rossetti family) painted, cleaned, and assisted with repairing the floors. I know that Team Guadalupe had a blast getting to know Mr. and Mrs. Rossetti along with their sweet children. I loved hearing about all the sweet moments that they encountered while working at the Rossetti house- having the kids show them their garden, praying the Rosary lead by Abby and Mary, having genuine conversations filled with love with Mrs. Rossetti. What a beautiful family and a beautiful experience! We cannot thank them enough!

The staff also had the opportunity to put into practice all of the programming skills that we have been so intently working on throughout our training. We practiced putting on our program in the evenings, just as we will do during the summer with the groups that we will be leading. It was a good experience and a lot of growth came from planning and facilitating those program nights. As a staff, we were able to learn from the mistakes that we made and worked through how we were better able to facilitate the program in the future. Because we had that opportunity, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are ready for our first official week of leading a mission trip!

As Team Juan Diego and Team Guadalupe depart for their first mission trips, please keep us in your prayers and but assured that you are being kept in our prayers too! Thank you to everybody for the love and support. Thank you to all the families who provided for us in Culpeper all throughout our training. Words cannot begin to express how thankful and blessed that we are!

Thank you again, and God bless!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!

Saint Juan Diego, Pray for us

Rossetti Family fun!

Magdalena hard at work.

Team Juan Diego

Programming selfie!

Rossetti Family!

Pure joy!

Michael hard at work!

Jasmine and Stephany

Team Guadalupe with Mrs. Rossetti, Mary, Abby, and Dante!

Deck built by Team Juan Diego!