Service Oriented

How does your gift make a lasting impact?

Partnering with CMT is a gift that

  • reaches teenagers
  • ministers to those in need
  • rebuilds homes, churches, and schools
  • restores hope
  • renews faith
  • deepens the spiritual life

We value every donor who has made a mission trip possible. Your support is crucial for equipping Catholics in the call to be missionary disciples.

As a mission partner, you will receive

  • a thank you letter
  • quarterly mission reports
  • prayers from our missionaries in the field
  • joys reserved for you by God in heaven
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Make checks payable to Catholic Mission Trips, Inc.

Catholic Mission Trips, Inc.

43321 Wayside Circle

Ashburn, VA 20147

For assistance, please contact Michelle Perez at [email protected]

Catholic Mission Trips, Inc. is a 501(c)3

EIN: 26-3246915