How does your gift make a lasting impact?

Roughly 25% of our operating budget comes from donations made by individuals. Your donation supports the work projects, the salaries and stipends of our staff and mission leaders, and the operational needs of CMT. Over the past year, we have seen an astronomical increase in the price of building supplies. The amount that we have historically asked groups to donate toward the work projects is no longer enough to cover the expenses of building materials. We have had to raise our mission trip fee for the participants to account for these increases. Rather than pass all of these expenses off to the many young people who desire to serve on a mission trip, we are appealing to you to help support the work projects for the remainder of this year and in 2023. Your generous support of the projects matches the generosity of the young people who desire to serve and enables more young people the opportunity to encounter Christ while living as missionary disciples. We pledge that every dollar given will go to fund the home, school, and church repair projects. We encourage you to become a monthly donor and give the gift of a sustained impact in the communities we serve.

Cornerstone Payment Services

Catholic Mission Trips, Inc. utilizes the service of Cornerstone Payment Systems to process credit card and ACH transactions. Cornerstone Payment Systems is a Christian owned and operated business. They do not process payments to organizations with morally objectionable agendas.

Groups and individuals registering for mission trips are invited to use this online payment system, covering the processing fees. Donations can be set up on a recurring basis.

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