South Texas

South Texas is the birth place of Catholic Mission Trips, Inc. The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) has a rich and loving Hispanics culture. Open and ready to share with all who visit and serve. This area has some of the poorest city in the continental US. Many families live in homes that have been affected by Hurricanes and Flooding. Most homes in this area are multigenerational house hold.

HousingBasilica Mosaic

Housing in South Texas will be at a local church, school, or volunteer house. Men, women, boys and girls will have separate sleeping areas.


Meals will be provided starting Monday evening when you arrive, until you depart the following Saturday. The only meals that are not included are your free day meals. Breakfasts are generally continental and we pack a sack lunch. Dinners are always hot.

Work Projects

In South Texas, we do a lot of home renovation projects. The work can include roofing, siding, sheet rock, insulation, flooring, doors, and windows. We also work along side Catholic Charities at the Human Respite Center, Arise Adelante center helping with the spring/summer out reach programs, or at the Food Bank of the Rio Grand Valley packing and handing out food to the local community.


You can drive in or fly in. Transportations is not included in cost. You will need to by your tickets and rent enough rental cars for your group for the week.

Here are a few airport that are the closes to our home base.

  • Valley International Airport (HRL)- about 30 Minutes from home base.
  • McAllen International Airport (MFE) -about 45 Minutes from home base.
  • San Antonio International Airport (SAT)- about 2-3 hours from home base

Free Day Option

Friday can be a half work day or free recreation day. Groups who travel a long distance sometimes take their free day as they travel home. Let your site coordinator know if you prefer Friday as a half work day, whole work day, or free day. Padre Island is only 1 hour away, so often, groups take a day to go to the beach.


Pray for good weather. If we get rain, it’s possible that the outdoor projects will be cancelled for the day. Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., will try to arrange both outdoor and indoor projects for each group.


$450 per person


  • Contact us for Spring Break.


  • For more information please contact [email protected]