I am David. Yes, my last name is as it sounds from outlawed Irish Catholics who chose to obey God’s laws over man’s, keeping the Faith while underground through centuries of Protestant English government outlawing and persecuting Catholics. I was a happy kid until talking age, when bitterness began to creep in while I struggled hard to communicate, due to a speech impediment caused by an autistic disorder. Even when I was able to talk around 7-8 years old, I felt real understanding would never happen.

God remained though, teaching and fostering in me a deep love of learning, building, growing, music, history, theology, philosophy, outdoors, and all the true, good, and beautiful of Catholic culture, endowing me with what the world might call a handy-hardworking-renaissance-man, who could come up with a solution to just about anything you didn’t even know was possible;) I conceitedly attributed these goods to me and for misfortunes I blamed circumstance. I had everything perfectly backwards, reversed, and upside-down!

Blind, and ungrateful as I was, that didn’t stop Him coaxing me toward real freedom from my tangled mess of bitter resentment, and in the spring of 2019, through a chain of graced happenings, He lead me through a general confession to full-out deliverance from my locked up, mute, and lonely darkness, so that I can now speak, and see that I am heard, known, loved, and never alone.

Since then, I’ve been abiding in the Father’s Love like never before, and having crawled and toddled in this way for a few years now, I am just starting to feel like I can run! Sending me on 2 CMT spring missions and a full summer of missions in 2022, Christ gave me abundant opportunities to encounter Him in others to really hear, know, and love others with His own Presence and Sacred Heart, and to see them experience that same freedom, in Him, expanding my own heart in His, in theirs every time.

So grateful to be sent to even more missions with CMT! I sincerely hope and pray that all of you may experience His Loving Presence beyond all doubt, and receive the grace to give whole heartedly to God’s mission in just the way He calls you to, and truly taste the Joy and Peace of Christ in mission that floods our hearts every time we finally “Go, sell all you have, give to the poor, and come, follow me.”

Favorite Saint: Joseph of Nazareth
Favorite Quote: “Jesus” -Joseph naming Jesus Mat. 1:25
Favorite Scripture: John Ch. 17 -the powerful Love of Father and Son being manifested by the words of the Word filling a whole chapter, epic prayer to close out Christ’s final discourse with His disciples before His passion. Must read this 17th chapter of John!

Join My Support Team!

I am serving with teams of young adult mission leaders to run week-long international and domestic mission trips this spring and summer. Our teams will be serving in Gallup, NM Eastern, KYFort Myers, FLNew Orleans, LALake Charles, LASouth TexasPuerto RicoBelize, and the Dominican Republic. As a support staff, I help where needed – making sure the teams have the vehicles, tools, and extra support that they need. Our summer begins in May with two weeks of missionary training, followed by 9 weeks of intense service, and a debrief retreat at the end. We serve in areas that have been affected by natural disasters and in areas of chronic poverty. Our projects mainly consist of home, school, and church repair and renovation. We have the honor of working alongside several religious communities, including the Missionaries of Charity, the Pallottine Sisters, and the Comunidad Misionera de Villaregia.
Beyond the great physical work of rebuilding, our mission teams run retreats for our mission group, opening up the door for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of those who serve with us. We start each day with Mass, give formational reflections in the evening, facilitate small group discussions, and bring the groups to adore Jesus Blessed Sacrament and to receive His mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Wow! It is such an impactful week for the community we serve, the groups who come to serve with us, for us as mission leaders, and you as mission partners.
Our expected work project expenses for 2023 total approximately $100,000. My personal goal is to raise between $5,000-$10,000 to ensure that we have the funds necessary for building supplies, given the astronomical rise in building supply costs. I am excited to share with you my journey with God as a missionary and invite you to become one of my mission partners. Everything that we have is from God and everything that we give is from God. Where is God asking you to invest?  Please consider joining me on mission by making a one-time or recurring donation to support the work of Catholic Mission Trips, Inc. Your prayers and financial support will bring hope and restore dignity to the families we serve. We would be honored to have you partner with us at $50-$200 a month. I look forward to connecting with you and experiencing mission together! Thank you for joining my support team!
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