As many of you know, Catholic Mission Trips, Inc. has been working in Kerala, Southern India for 3 years. We serve at the Pope John Paul Peace and Mercy Homes, alongside the congregation of the sisters of Nirmala Dasi. These sisters work to care for almost 100 physically and mentally handicapped patients at the Peace Home. During our time there, we help to care for the physical and emotional needs of these patients, and it is a truly beautiful experience.

At the Mercy Home, we help to teach children and adults with special needs. At this school, these vulnerable individuals are able to gain life skills and education necessary to live largely independent lives.


We have truly loved our time at the Peace and Mercy Home. Every person who has come with us on these trips has left a changed person. The people have India have truly been spiritual ministers to us.

Now, our beloved friends in Kerala need your prayers!

At the beginning of this month, Kerala and other surrounding states began to experience extreme flooding. As the waters rose and rain continued to pour, streets were washed away, houses were destroyed, and many people have been killed or stranded. Thousands of Indian families have lost everything.

As the flood waters subside, sadly, the death toll only rises and more damage is being uncovered. Many aide organizations and Indians in the community are scrambling to find shelter, rescue, and food/water for those effected by the floods. Since the airport and all major roads are closed, the relief efforts is complicated.

Please pray for our dear friends that the community in Kerala would be safely restored and that all who are still in danger will be rescued. Donations can be made through the website of the Indian Government: or directly to CMT. We will send the funds to our Trinitarian contact in Bangalore, who is directing relief efforts from there. Please make a note on your donation “for Kerala floods”.

Unfortunately, this disaster has rendered the area in India to which we usually travel unreachable at this current time, and India has temporarily put a ban on all tourism. This means our trip to India for Summer 2019 headed up by Martine Dollack is up in the air. We believe we will be able to travel to India next summer and help with relief efforts, but we must wait to see what the next more of the Indian government will be. Please pray for the Lord’s will to be done in this matter.



Please join us in praying for all those effected by this disaster.

Our Lady of Good Remedy, pray for us.