Lake Charles, LA June 20-25, 2021

Our first round of mission trips in the Gulf Coast area begun with a group of teens from St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Lisbon, North Dakota. This group took a 2 day journey south to put their roofing skills to work!

Lake Charles needs so much help! Take a look below on Google Maps, blue tarps on roofs on every street!

False securities

The group arrived in the old school gym, constructed forts for their own separate guys and girls rooms and began with worship. We shared about our false securities that emerged in the pandemic and our hopes to grow in our security in God and meaningful relationships.

Moving beyond ourselves

We began the hard work of ripping out old carpet! In the evening, we discussed moving beyond ourselves to show up for our families, friends, & our community when we return home.

Bonnie, a widow of 8 years, the homeowner we helped was way overdue for a new roof even before the hurricanes hit Lake Charles last fall. She had a shingle roof with half steel that we removed. The tarp on her house was ancient and ripped into shreds when the team removed it. The teens worked away removing the steel and scraping off the old shingles.

“I was able to get closer with a lot of people and help a lady at the same time.” -Participant

A sense of belonging
After a full day of roofing we closed the day seeking a renewed personal encounter with Jesus in Adoration & Reconciliation at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

“I specifically loved the program, small groups, worship, and the entire work site experience. I loved the times we went to Adoration, Confession, and Daily Mass. This mission trip has shown me what I am capable of. It has helped me to grow stronger in my faith, make friends, and learn entirely new skills. ” -Participant

The ultimate foundation

Briana shared about the miracles of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the small groups shared about experiences that keep them rooted in our Catholic faith & trusting in God.

“This mission trip has helped me realize all the others that are in need of help. I enjoyed completing the roof.” -Participant

“The trip exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed seeing everyone bring out the best in themselves and seeing how much joy was included. It has made me realize that there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel.” -Participant

A family from the Domestic Church circle came by to bring us dinner and blessed us with this relic of the cassock of JPII.

I enjoyed becoming family with everyone here, meeting Megan & Briana, experiencing God to a further extent, serving the Lord, and witnessing the kindness of this community. This mission trip has made me view my relationship with God in a new way. -Participant

“I enjoyed working with everyone and getting to know everyone better. I liked helping people in need, especially those who appreciate the hard work.” -Participant

The service of the common good

Please don’t mind the debris, all the dumpsters are on back order, tons of clean up and a full landfill! After wishing the homeowner well with our prayers, we were all moved by her tears of gratitude. After we completed the roof,  a true collaborative miracle, a local treated us to ice cream and we discussed how to shine the light of Jesus by making a sincere gift of self with our family, friends, and communities back home. We prayed over our group and sent them on the way to be God’s hands and feet.

“I enjoyed the most getting to see the look on the homeowner’s face when the roof was done and getting to form relationships with everyone here. The trip helped me form my relationship with God and let me serve someone in need. It brought me happiness to be able to help someone in that way.”-Participant

“I enjoyed spending time with all the teens and getting closer to my group. All the hard work brought a real feeling of accomplishment.” -Participant

“I feel like I can do anything big and small to help others. I feel empowered! I want to do a mission trip again!” -Participant

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I am extremely proud and impressed of these teens from Lisbon, North Dakota. I was so moved by their generosity, kindness, perseverance and mutual encouragement. I couldn’t help but think of the African proverb, Pope Francis quoted in Christus Vivit the whole time we were working together, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. I hope they will join us again soon on a mission trip, perhaps in the winter when it is not so hot out in the summer. 

Viva Cristo Rey, 
Director of Missions

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