Christopher Spiegel
Christopher SpiegelMission Leader
My name is Christopher and I am honored to serve with you all this summer! I graduated from Florida State University in 2017 and served as a full-time missionary in rural Honduras at a children’s home post-graduation called Finca del Nino, Farm of the Child. I most recently was a candidate for the Society of Jesus, Canada Province but am now living and serving God’s people in Florida. While in University I encountered a living Christ during an international mission and have been on fire to serve Our Lord since! Whether it is spending time in prayer and studying the word or living out the faith with acts of service I am always looking to find God in the greatest gift, the present. You all are in my thoughts and prayers as we prepare to serve together this summer, may God bless us and use us as instruments of love and peace to those we serve! AMDG

Favorite Saint: Mother Teresa 

Favorite Quote: “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.”  -Mother Teresa
Jacob Wessel
Jacob WesselMission Leader


<strong>Francesca Ani</strong>
Francesca AniWorship/Mission Leader
Francesca Ani began her journey to Christian Contemporary music at the tender age of 5 years old. From the time she could speak, Francesca was singing. In 2015, Francesca’s honest and heartfelt style won over the judges of a Tampa Bay Talent Search. Inspired by women such as Lauren Daigle and Carole King, in 2016 Francesca released her first pop EP, “Open Your Arms.” Although her heart always called her to perform, her faith ultimately led her to use her gift for more than just entertainment. Francesca’s goal is to convey the message of the gospel with light and joy for any listener no matter their faith. Francesca is currently focusing on youth ministry and youth worship around the greater Tampa area.

Fast Facts with Fran!
My Favorite bible verse is constantly changing! Right now it’s John 15. Pruning is a good thing, friends 🙂
I’m only 5 feet tall, still hoping to hit a late growth spurt.
I work at a Catholic radio station in Tampa, Florida!
Movies with dogs make me cry. This also includes commercials for movies about dogs.
I live off The Office, Friends, and Schitt’s Creek.
Do I go to Disney way more than the socially acceptable amount? Oh definitely… but that’s okay.

Favorite Scripture: John 15. Pruning is a good thing, friends 🙂

Vanessa Carrillo
Vanessa CarrilloWorship/Mission Leader
Favorite Quote: “Man cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself.” – Gaudium et Spes

<strong>Briana Claire</strong>
Briana ClaireWorship/Mission Leader
Greetings! My name is Briana Claire! Florida is my home sweet home. I am currently taking a break from my healthcare job to discern God’s will for my life! My hobbies are kayaking, writing music, and playing guitar at coffee shops and nursing homes! From my youth, I have given my musical gifts at the service of Christ and His Church! I’m excited to lead us in worship and serve with you all in Panama City, FL and Lake Charles, LA! My favorite saint is currently on the road to sainthood, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati! Pier Giorgio was 24 years old when he died (same age as me right now! J). He was an adventurous young man who prayed with his friends, served the poor, and sought social reform. My favorite quote is “Verso L’alto”, in English it translates to “ To the heights”.

Favorite Saint: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Favorite Quote: “Verso L’alto”

Sophie Salopek
Sophie SalopekWorship/Mission Leader
Hi there! My name is Sophie Salopek. I’m currently a student at Louisiana State University, and I’m studying civil engineering! I have also always had a deep love for music, and have found myself pursuing the Lord through singing and leading praise and worship! One of my favorite saints is St. Faustina Kowalska. I’ve been in the process of reading her diary over the past few years, and one of my favorite excerpts from it says this, “All our daily little nothings will be placed at the feet of the Lord Jesus as a propitiatory offering for the world…” There is more to it, but that first line always strikes me, and reminds me of the importance of our daily little nothings 🙂

Favorite Saint: St. Faustina 

Favorite Quote: “All our daily little nothings will be placed at the feet of the Lord Jesus as a
propitiatory offering for the world…”-St. Faustina
<strong>Andrew Ferguson</strong>
Andrew FergusonWorship/Mission Leader
Hey guys! My name is Andrew Ferguson, and I will be leading worship for our trip to Ohio! I am currently a senior at LSU in mechanical engineering. Bonus fact: this will be my first ever mission trip, and I’m excited to see how the LORD wants to work through me for you guys and the community! My favorite Saint is St. Joseph (original, I know). He is my confirmation Saint, and I look to him as a model of manliness and humility. My current favorite scripture is Exodus 25:8, in which the LORD says “Let them make for Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst.” We can talk about why it’s mt fav when we get there :]   See y’all there!

Favorite Saint: St. Joseph

Favorite Scripture: “Let them make for Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst.” -Exodus 25:8


Bangalore, India – Hello! My name is Martine Dollack. I am a wife, a mother of four, a teacher, a farmer and a passionate Catholic. I was born and raised in the Alsace region of France and moved to Canada after my marriage. We are currently living in Salmon Arm, British Columbia where we attend the church of St Joseph. I am passionate about my Catholic faith and have been involved in many ministries within my parish. I am also a proud member of the Catholic Women’s League. No matter the endeavor, I always look forward to grow in faith and service to others. I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to join the team of CMT this summer as site coordinator. As I embark on this incredible journey, please pray for me, my family and our mission. God bless.

Joyce Ribeiro
Joyce Ribeiro
Hello, my name is Joyce Ribeiro. I was born and raised in Brazil but moved to the USA when a teenager. I am a Project Manager within the life sciences industry, and one of the founders of a charitable organization called Amor Beyond Borders. On my spare time, I enjoy taking care of my dog, Celtics, baking or reading a novel. Additionally, I love to involve myself in various charitable initiatives around my community and I strive to create opportunities and resources for people in need. Giving back has been a part of my life since I was very young. I feel my best when I am working towards helping others. My faith in Jesus Christ is the driving force behind my desire to give back. I am devoted to Mary of Grace and believe she has always watched over me and intervened with her son, Jesus, on my behalf in times of need.

New Orleans and Baton Rouge – Hello! My name is Mykelle Laws, wife of a great guy and mother of 4 active young adults. I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1990 with a BS in Biochemistry and SWOSU in 1996 with an assoc. in Physical Therapy. Our family has moved around the United States with the Navy and United Airlines and have since settled in Culpeper, VA. I have been active in my community (Travel Soccer) and my church (confirmation catechist, altar society, and office help) while homeschooling my children and now participate with several non-profit organizations like our diocesan WorkCamp annual mission trip, Rotary Youth Exchange and Souls in Harmony. I am excited to join the Catholic Mission Trips team in facilitating “experiences of a lifetime” through mission!


<strong>Michelle Perez</strong>
Michelle PerezExecutive Director
My name is Michelle Perez and I am grateful for the ability to walk with the mission groups and our team on their spiritual journey. Every year we see the Holy Spirit working so powerfully in the hearts of the young people who serve and God pouring His graces into the missionaries who devote their summers to leading mission trips. God has blessed me and my husband with 4 beautiful children on earth! We are a mission family and strive to bring God’s love to everyone we meet. I am excited to help CMT grow while remaining faithful to our mission of helping faithful Catholics fulfill their call to serve the poor. Please join us in prayer, service, and support!
<strong>Megan Yedkois</strong>
Megan YedkoisDirector of Missions
Hello there! I’m Megan and my last name rhymes with turquoise:) My favorite thing about living in Florida is beholding all the glorious sunrises & sunsets. When I was 17, I went on my first domestic mission trip with CMT where I experienced the thrill of mission. Throughout my life I’ve had a deep devotion for at-risk youth, pro-life, homeless, and prison ministry. I have gone on several foreign mission trips to Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico. I feel so blessed to serve as the Director of Missions for CMT, to provide the opportunity for young people to give generously of themselves and witness hearts become stirred with desire to live a life for others. In his exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis said that “There is no greater joy than coming home at the end of the day with a heart filled with names, faces, and stories.” I attest to this joy as the Father shows me something more glorious than a sunrise is within each person as each reveals a unique facet of Christ. I pray that all who join us on mission experience the deep personal love of Christ descend upon them and radiate out to those we serve.