Please join us in praying for the Ft. Myers mission trip, February 16-22. We are helping families to clean out their homes and prepare them for rebuilding, after being damaged by Hurricane Ian. Anyone who has tended a garden for some years, done repairs after flooding, or asked the Holy Spirit to help rid them of some sin knows that restoration takes a lot of prep work. Namely, you have to get rid of parts that would be damaging if left intact. Whether we are talking about the interior of people’s homes or souls, the same truth applies. Either way, this purging process can be a difficult time emotionally. As the mission team is out doing heavy lifting in Ft. Myers, we need many people doing the heavy lifting up in prayer. Please pray for

  • the community
  • the young people on mission
  • the chaperones and leaders
  • the CMT staff
  • the priests who will celebrate daily Mass and offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • restoration of hope and dignity
  • safety on the work projects
  • safety on the road
  • openness to the Holy Spirit

Sign up for an hour slot and then pray for the mission trip on that day and time. If you are able to make your hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament, that is an added bonus for us all!