This evening’s prayers remind us that we are nothing and our efforts futile without God’s loving care and providence. The good that comes is not the result of our own works, but a gift from God.

Psalm 127 starts like this:

If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labor

May God bless the work that we are blessed to do this week – the physical rebuilding efforts in New Mexico (featured above with the Missionaries of Charity), south Texas, and Louisiana, as well as the spiritual restoration in those communities and the young people serving with us. The prayer following this psalm says:

You command the seed to rise, Lord God, though the farmer is unaware. Grant that those who labor for you may trust not in their own work but in your help. Remembering that the land is brought to flower not with human tears but with those of your Son, may the Church rely only upon your gifts.

The farmer rightly plants the seed – that’s his job. But, he doesn’t get to take credit for the growth of the crop. God commands the seed to rise! As mission leaders, we get to work for God in planting the seed of the Gospel and trust in His help to restore hearts to His divine friendship. Jesus, we trust in You!

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