Mission Report
Panama City, FL
July 25-31, 2021

“As the Father has sent Me, so I send you.”
-John 20:20

CMT joined forces with Mission850 in Panama City, FL. We were hosted by the Wagner family who welcomed us into their missionary home on the grounds of St. John the Evangelist. We joined this missionary family who has been responding the needs of their neighbors, restoring hope back to the people of Bay County, and inviting others to join them on mission since the beginning of Hurricane Michael in 2018.

“Overall this trip was worth it. I feel no amount of money could stop me from wanting to do this again. I loved every second of this trip.”
-Panama City mission trip participant.

While we were building her wheelchair ramp, we mingled with Brandi (sitting) and her family. Brandi shared with us about the terrible car accident she got into right before Hurricane Michael. For the past 3.5 years Brandi, a former registered nurse, has been unable to work or get in and out of her house on her own. While we were building her chair ramp, she shared with us that the next day her motor chair would be arriving just in time! 

“I enjoyed the conversation on the trip that deepened my faith and helped me grow closer to God.”
-Panama City mission trip participant.

“Jan, a random name to you all, but a friend to me. On July 24th, a group from all over the country went to make a difference in Panama City with Catholic Mission Trips. Most people are aware of the tragedy and damage a hurricane can do, but what most people do not know is that this damage does not go away after the news stops reporting it. This became real when I met Jan. To be honest, I had never heard of Hurricane Michael. I do not listen to the news. I think it is quite sad to listen to heartaches all over the country. However, there are people out there that need our help financially and physically. They need people like you and me to get them back on their feet. The people that we served in Panama City are at a point where they are too low, that they can’t get back up on their own. My friend Jan was hit pretty hard during the hurricane. She lost her roof, all the walls and floors were saturated, and her windows were broken. She was the grandma providing for her son and their kids, so this hit their family hard. As I took the time to get to know her, I realized that she was so broken. Hurricanes do not only cause damage physically, but they cause emotional damage. Jan needed to be loved. Getting the chance to be the light in her darkness was an amazing opportunity. Not only did we put in windows, so light could shine through her house, but we gave her hope that there are people out there that care for her. We shed a lot of tears that day, as she began to see that God was providing for her. She moved one step in the right direction.”
-Emily, Missionary from Cincinnati, OH

“I enjoyed most the Wagner’s and other’s hospitality in the community, Megan & Briana, the leadership and music, and all the people we touched and my fellow missionaries.
I grew closer to Jesus.
I made new friends.
I grew deeper relationships.”

-Panama City mission trip participant.

“I have never been on a mission but I enjoyed every minute of it. What I really enjoyed the most is when I really got to know everyone, as well as talking to the people we served and hearing their story. This mission trip made me feel love as a person. It made me feel good to give back to someone each day.”
-Panama City mission trip participant.

“That was the most powerful time of Adoration and Confession I have ever had.”
-Panama City mission trip participant.

Special Thanks:
Aric & Emily Durr
Amber Lemieux
Jacob Spencer
Yolanda Riveras
Mission 850 & The Wagner Family
St. John the Evangelist
St. Dominic Catholic Church
Melinda & John Neumann
Rowena Trzeciak
Charlotte & Chuck Dickey
Briana, CMT Worship Leader
Fr. Richard Graham

Well, I am stunned, again, to say the least. After this mission trip was over, I headed back to Texas, home of CMT to drop off our vehicle and supplies from the summer missions. What a blast recapping the stories and graces with our CMT president and founder Steve Nasche and his family. As I headed back home to Florida, there swelled the tears of gratitude. Who am I that I was chosen? Chosen to bridge the gap for these communities in need and young people to experience the power of Christ alive in them. I am so grateful for all of those that have affirmed and supported this calling from Our Lady, those of you I served with this summer on mission, and those of you I am working with for an upcoming mission. What a gift to be on the journey with all of you. I wrapped up the summer with a retreat back to Our Lady of Guadalupe to give thanks for choosing me and to intercede for all of you in the CMT family. 

“I declare that if I pour myself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then His light shall arise in the darkness. The LORD will guide me continually and satisfy my desire with good things. I shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. My ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; I shall raise up the foundations of many generations, I shall be called ‘the repairer of the breach’, ‘the restorer of ruined homesteads’. I shall take delight in the LORD and He will make me ride upon the heights of the earth.” ~Isaiah 58:10-14

Viva Cristo Rey,
Megan Yedkois

Director of Missions

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