Team Guadalupe checking in from the Dominican Republic. (Well, by the time I post this blog entry, we will be in Houston!) In our second week, we welcomed a high school group from Kentucky. We continued the project at Tia’s home, where we were adding a kitchen and bathroom to her house, as well as helping out at NPH.
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I had the blessing to watch God work through the teens this week. Sometimes we go on mission trips with big expectations to change the world. However, it was in the little tasks where God granted us many graces. Whether the job was to plaster the wall, to carry a bucket or to peel an endless amount of garlic, no work was unnoticed by God. As St. Therese said, “Do small things with great love.”

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It was the in little things where I encountered God in the Dominican Republic. It was a smile from a child playing hand games. It was the breeze on a sunny day. It was eating French fries when I missed home. It was the laughter among friends walking down the street. It was seeing Christ in the Eucharist.

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God gives us those little moments to show His great love for us. Each sign of love is like a bouquet of flowers from Him! God is a romantic and He continues to shower us with His love.

So I summarize this week with an abundance of graces, and not only because we had three Grace’s in the group.


In His Name,



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Headed back to the States!