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Kerala, India


July 4-14

Please pray for the community in Kerala, who experienced significant devastation from flooding this summer.


Housing in India will be at the Pope Paul Peace Home. There are working toilets and bucket showers. Guys and girls will have separate sleeping areas.


Meals will be traditional Southern Indian food, which is always rice, some type of curry and then one additional thing, like bread or jackfruit. It’s a simple meal, but not hard to get used to.

Work Projects

Work projects in India are at the Peace home and their sister project, the Mercy home. The Peace home is a care facility for invalids of all ages. People with severe mental and/or physical disabilities who are rejected by their families live and are taken care of by the nuns that live there. These sisters are amazing. They care for, bathe, feed, talk to, and dress about 175 patrons who live there. At this site, our duties would be to support these sisters in their work. This could include house work, cooking, laundry, feeding patients, changing clothes especially those who have no bladder/bowel control, helping patrons to the restroom/showers, bathing patrons (optional), and sitting/talking to/singing/entertaining the patients. Patrons here range from full adults (both male and female) to young children (both male and female). The sister project, the Mercy home, is a school/home for children with mental, but not physical disabilities (so children with Downs syndrome, brain damage, autism, ect.). The children live here and go to school during the day. Here, we could help with playing with the children, caring for them, helping with school work, and arranging activities. The children here are very lively and love visitors!

Local Flavor

A trip to Kerala would not be complete without a meal at an authentic Indian restaurant, visiting the elephants, or taking a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Thomas.


The weather is HOT and relatively humid. It won’t be as rainy, since it’s early in the summer, but rain showers (of large velocity, since it’s the beginning of monsoon) are a possibility. Expect it to rain heavily once a day.


$800 per person (Airfare not included.)


A minimum of 10 participants is needed to run the mission trip. There are currently 13 spaces still available. Fill out your application today!

Trip Leaders

indaWe’re very excited to introduce our trip leaders. Andre and Emilly recently got married and started their dreams of leading missions together. Andre is a medical student, and Emilly is a child behavioral therapist. Emilly has worked with CMT as a missionary for 4 years prior to leading the India program. Both are passionate about service, and loving through open-mindedness and an attitude of humble servanthood.

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