Have you ever gone on a mission trip or a retreat and come home feeling spiritually uplifted? What happens next? Have you changed and others around you are in the same place they were before? Are you confronted with the realities of life and don’t know how to reconcile what you have learned? How does what you have experienced fit in with where you were before?

Sometimes, this transition back home can be a tough one. When we encounter Christ, we leave a changed person. Think about Moses and how his face was radiant when he left the tent after talking with God! He had to cover his face because it freaked out everyone else. Sometimes coming back home a changed person usually means that we need to change some aspect of our lives – whether it’s how we structure our day, the friends we hang out with, the shows we watch, or being more attentive to the needs of others. If you are like me, you don’t like change. Change can be difficult. But, if it is God that is inviting you to make this change, He is inviting you to make space for Him. Saying YES to God is being faithful to what God is asking of you. Every time we say yes to God it is easier to say yes the next time. What a good habit to develop!

The mission doesn’t end at the end of the week. We are called to live as missionary disciples – to bring the joy of the Gospel to each person we encounter – to serve those entrusted to our care with attentive love and mercy. I am inspired by our mission staff at CMT, who over the past month have returned on their own time and service to minister to the families in Jenkins, KY. When we finished our last mission trip of 2022 right before Thanksgiving, we had to leave one family without finishing hooking up their water and water heater. One of our contractors returned to take care of this for the family the following week. On that same mission trip, we had the joy of celebrating Christ the King Sunday with kids that the Missionaries of Charity teach. Although it was a cold day in November, many of the children had no coats or other warm clothing and winter accessories. Our Director of Missions, Megan Yedkois, returned with donations of warm winter coats and other items to bless these children for Christmas. Beyond coming back to serve on more mission trips, it is our hope that serving with us on a mission trip opens people’s hearts to see Christ in those around them and equips them to live as missionary disciples in their own families, schools, and communities.

Join us in making changes in people’s lives. Join us on mission as a mission leader, by leading your school or church youth group, or as a mission partner, but please join us in making the world more Christ-like.