Do you ever feel that we are connected in prayer? That’s because we are!

When I am feeling low or when I am struggling with something and I ask a friend to pray for me, God hears their prayers, and often I am relieved of that suffering or I am more open to receive the graces to endure the suffering in a holier way.

You have probably heard about redemptive suffering – when we unite our suffering to that of Christ, God accepts our offering and lessens the physical or spiritual suffering of someone, including the just punishment for sin.

In 2007, I did a Cursillo weekend and learned about offering palanca for others to bring them closer to God. Palanca, Spanish for lever, can be a sacrifice that we make for someone, like no sugar in your coffee, or time spent in prayer.

St. Therese of Lisieux was dedicated in praying for priests and missionaries: “I offer every step for some missionary who, far away, is exhausted by his work for souls; I offer my exhaustion to relieve his.”

While you are going about your daily struggles – housework, feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work or studying you have, financial worries, relationship problems, etc., offer these sufferings up to God, uniting them with Christ’s suffering, and asking Him to use them for the good of the missions.

We also are united in prayer with you and will be offering to God the work that we are doing for your intentions. If you have specific intentions that you would like us to bring to our Lord, please email [email protected].

Our mission is not possible without the constant support of prayer. We invite you to join our mission through prayer. Sign up to spend one hour with Jesus, lifting up to God the missions. We are sending 22 missionaries to Eastern Kentucky November 17-23. Pray for the missionaries, the families we are serving, the work we are doing, protection against attacks from the devil, safe travels, etc. Thank you for your prayers!

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