When we stayed with the Missionaries of Charity in Jenkins, KY, the words “I thirst” were displayed on the wall next to the crucifix. This is how the wall behind the tabernacle is in all of the Missionaries of Charity houses, reminding the Sisters and others who visit of Jesus’ great thirst for love, for souls, for each of us personally.

Jesus thirsts for souls, but does He really want me? Being in good company, with folks like Moses and St. Juan Diego, I often wonder why God does not choose someone more qualified than myself for the things He asks me to do. There are certainly people who are more skilled, better speakers, less sinful, with fewer obligations, more time, and more energy. I have to remind myself that God is the God of the Universe and He knows better than I do. I trust that He gives me the graces to do what is His will.

On that mission trip, God reminded me of His desire for me. I came on the mission trip to serve by preparing meals for the mission group. With my three youngest children at my side, we cooked and ate with the group, and otherwise tried to stick to a normal routine – nap, bedtime, etc. God blessed us with restful nights, daily Mass, few tantrums, good behavior, loving community, and so on. His personal call to me came on the night scheduled for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Confession. As the priest was setting up, I asked if he could hear my confession the following morning, as I had to get back to put my kids down to sleep and would not make it back over. After helping two teens who were going to be sharing their testimonies about Adoration and Confession, I drove my kids back to the mission house. Realizing that I did not have the keys, I had to return to the chapel. Adoration and Confession had already started and the musician was leading the group in praising God. She had the keys and was able to give them to me when the song was over. In the meantime, I was able to kneel in prayer, make a good confession, pray my penance, and be in God’s presence for just a short time. God arranged that special time for me to be with Him, to show me His mercy, and tender care for me. He wanted me to be there with Him.

Jesus desires you, too. If you aren’t sure or don’t believe me, ask Him!