Housing in Haiti is in a school, parish, or volunteer housing. Participants should plan on bringing sleeping bags or sheets. Guys and girls will have separate sleeping areas. The Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., staff will sleep separately from the group at all times.


Meals will be provided starting Sunday evening when you arrive, until you depart the following Saturday. The only meals that are not included are your free day meals. Breakfasts and lunches feature a Creole influence and dinners are generally porridge.

Work Projects

In Haiti, we are working with the At-Risk Children Foundation to provide food, shelter, clean water, healthcare, and education to the children.

Free Day Option

Each group has the option to use one of their days as a free day. Most groups plan on taking Friday as their free day. Jungle tours or swimming are some free day options in Haiti.


Pray for good weather. If we get rain, it’s possible that the outdoor projects will be cancelled for the day. Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., will try to arrange both outdoor and indoor projects for each group.


$1,000 per person (Airfare not included.)


Send us your dates. We look forward to serving alongside your group!