Help us help others

See below for a list of needs to support our building projects, operational needs, and development.

Building Projects

CMT will be working with approximately 30 different groups in the spring and summer of 2020. Projects will include home renovations/reconstruction, hermitage construction, church restoration, disaster relief, and general volunteer work where needed.

1.  Construction tools – We are always adding tools to our inventory.  Currently we need a few items like 2 chop saws, metal collapsible saw horses, and wireless drills.

2.  Construction materials – Lumber, 2×4’s 4×6’s, Shingles, Plywood, Siding, Insulation, bricks, cinder blocks, cement, etc. These materials will be used for disaster relief projects in the United States.


Operational Needs

1.  Vehicle – Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., is looking for 1 large vehicle to help our summer program team travel from one location to the next. Vehicle donations needed – $20,000 – $25,000

2. Small Trailers –  We are hoping to purchase a couple of small enclosed trailers that will attach to our vehicles for our staff to carry mission trip tools, luggage and supplies in.  3 trailers cost approximately $9,000.00

3.  Summer Program Team Support – About 15 young adults will be giving part of or their whole summer to serve those in need.  Make a donation to the summer program team to help cover their expenses this summer.  The total fundraising goal for our summer staff is $52,500



1.  Conferences and Promotional Materials – Help CMT have a continued presence at NCYC, NCCYM, and SLS20, as well as distribute promotional materials to diocesan institutions, youth ministers, and campus ministers, and increase our online presence. $15,000

2. Full Time Staff – In order for CMT to continue growing and providing quality mission trips, we need to expand our full-time staff positions. Each position would requires a salary of $45,000-$50,000.