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Support team members can apply for one week to a whole summer. When traveling, room and meals are covered CMT expenses, while travel to and from sites will be negotiable depending the amount of funds raised. All team members will be required to do fundraising over specific periods of time.

Openings for 2020:

Site Coordinators

  • Site Coordinators are responsible for coordinating the mission trip specific to a particular location. They are most like Project Managers. They are in constant communication with all involved parties of the mission trip: including but not limited to the host parish priest, the building manager, the CMT team leader, the meal coordinator, and the transportation director. The site coordinator will make sure all logistical aspects of the mission trip are prepared in advance, functioning, safe, and smooth.

Catholic Musicians

  • We are also looking for dynamic Catholic musicians to lead the praise and worship during our mission trips on an as needed basis. Applicants must know how to play the guitar and have prior experience leading music for youth ministry or college programs.


  • We are also looking for thoughtful Catholics to be responsible for leading teens as a project manager on the work sites.  Carpenters/Contractors will teach CMT leaders construction basics so they can help lead the teens on the work sites, teach teens the proper and safe use of tools, oversee the quality of work, and ensure safety on the work sites. Applicants must have excellent communication skills, contractor experience, and mission trip or youth ministry experience.

Questions? Contact Hannah at [email protected]