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Interested in Making a Donation?

We have several different building projects you can choose from, and we also have several needs for operation. Below is a list of needs. If you would like to make a donation, use the paypal link below.

Building Projects

CMT will be working with approximately 40 different groups this spring and summer of 2018. Projects will include home renovations/reconstruction, hermitage construction, and general volunteer work where needed.

Operational Needs

1.  How would you like to donate a VEHICLE!?! Catholic Mission Trips, Inc., is looking for 2 large vehicles to help our summer program team travel from one location to the next. Vehicle donations needed – $20,000 – $25,000

2.  Small Trailers for our staff vehicles –  We are hoping to purchase a couple of small enclosed trailers for our staff to carry mission trip tools, luggage and supplies in.  2-3 trailers cost approximately $9,000.00

3.  Construction tools – We are always adding tools to our inventory.  Currently we need a few items like 2 chop saws, metal collapsible saw horses, and wireless drills.

4.  Construction materials – Lumber, 2×4’s 4×6’s, Shingles, Plywood, Siding, Insulation, bricks, cinder blocks, cement, etc… These materials will be used for Disaster relief projects in the United States.

5.  Summer Staff Support – Next summer we hope to have 20 young adults who will be giving part of or their whole summer to serve those in need.  Make a donation to the summer staff to help cover their expenses this summer.  The total fundraising goal for our summer staff is $35,000.00

Donate here to support Catholic Mission Trips, Inc.


CMT Clean Water Project

Catholic Mission Trips is excited to report the completion of our first Clean Water Project in Bolivia!

The Huamuni River in Bolivia has been used by mining companies as a place to drain contaminated water for years. Unfortunately, that contaminated water is washed downstream and has contaminated land and water supplies for the local people. In response to growing conflict over environmental degradation and public health problems, the Government of Bolivia in 2009 declared an emergency zone in the Huanuni watershed (a first in Bolivian history).

Through your generous support, we were able to send a used truck mounted water drilling rig to Bolivia to help the villagers downstream have relief from contaminated water. Cost to purchase a drilling rig, ship it to Bolivia, and train the local people how to use it was around $50,000 – $60,000 US dollars.  Email Steve if you would like to see a more detailed report on our Bolivian Water Project.

Thank you for your donations to our Bolivian Clean Water Project!