Clean Water Projects

Bolivian Water Project

The Need: Access to safe, clean water for rural
Bolivian families, especially in remote Andean communities

  •  Every Year, 2.1 million people die due to illnesses related to dirty water, poor sanitation and poor hygiene, many of them children
  • Nearly 80% of people with poor access and
    sanitation live in rural areas
  • On any given day, half of the world’s hospital
    beds are occupied by patients suffering from illnesses associated with the lack
    of access to safe water and sanitation


The Location: Northern Andean Highlands (Altiplano) of
Bolivia, 13,000 feet above sea level, where springs and suitable shallow water
are not available for hand dug wells


The Proposed Solution: To equip & train Bolivian Water Works
Specialists, known as Suma Jayma, with a water well drilling rig

  • The non-profit Suma Jayma have more than 10
    years of community water supply experience in the area
  • The drilling projects would be funded by local
    municipalities and benefiting families
  • A used truck-mounted rig has been identified
    in North Texas from a trusted owner, but will require minor maintenance


The Budget: $60,000
for the Rig, Equipment & Training

Used truck-mounted Drilling Rig:        $20,000

Shipping to Bolivia:                                  $17,000

Customs, Taxes & Fees:                           $4,000

Travel Costs for 3 Bolivians to US:        $5,000

Drill pipe, bits & spare parts:                 $5,000

Geophysics 1-D Resistivity Tool:           $3,000

Machining Equipment:                           $4,000

Unforseen:                                                 $2,000

Total:                                                $60,000


Funding Status: We have reached our goal! Thank you for your support! 

$12,000      Committed by Rotary of Moore, OK and WEFTA

$3,000        Committed by Gehrig Geo-Engineering for  a1-D Resistivity Meter

$1,000         In drill bits donated

$20,000      Fundraising secured

$9,000        Individual contributions