Our supporters are vital in carrying out our mission and meeting our goals. We are grateful for the sacrifice made by our donors and volunteers! Join us in our ministry to young people and serving communities in need.

Circle of Young People

33 anonymous donors

Circle of Human Love

Frank and Edith Walusek

Fr. Jeff Stegbauer

John and Barbara Hallett

John and Mona Ferrugia

Darren and Jamie Caprarese

Brandon and Deirdre Beebe

Briana Yedkois

Allie Moroney

Erica Brooks

Jesse Diaz

Lizette Delgado

Kris and Cheryl Criado

John Best

Robert Cadrecha

Lisa Harper

Ian and Jacqueline Masson

Theodore and Sharon Rasmussen

Michael McKenna

Robert and Hannah Masson

Mac and Mary McPhillips

Doris Melancon

Jim and Phyllis Byrne

Rolando Gomez

Jennifer Heinlein

Tony and Amanda Laudadio

Mary Bugos

Michael Sheedy

Brianna Trifiletti

Joseph Katt and Clara Davidson

David and Elizabeth Craven

Elizabeth and Donald Henretty

Sandy and Mary Jane Mattson

Edward and Mary Ann Revaj

Donald and Lourdes Parker

Toni Hepburn

Herb Willis

Francisco Paez Cruz

Michele Sobota

Ray and Danette Cantu

Circle of the Blessed Sacrament

John XXIII White Oaks School

Pat Kowalski

Joe and Chantal Ward

Brent and Kristina Evans

Co-Cathedral of St. Thomas More

Christopher and Tamara Robinson

Pete Cowdry

Circle of Mary

Matthew and Becca Mattson

Kevin and Gail Miller

Lou Yedkois

Circle of the Cross

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