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In Depth Cameroon Trip Details.

I’m Debbie Bauer and I am the leader for the Cameroon Mission Trips.

We’ve got all the details below and I will be continually updating this page so make sure to come back frequently.  This is a fantastic, life changing trip and you’re going to love it!

Feel free to reach out to me anytime!  My cell number is (805) 403-2969!

Trip Payment

Trip Cost is $1000 +airfare.

You are responsible for your own flight to Douala, Cameroon. This will cost approximately $1800.

Because of the nature and difficulty of this trip all payments are non-refundable!

Initial Deposit: $200

May 15, 2017:  $800




Please fill out the following.  All paperwork must be submitted by April 1, 2018.

Cameroon Individual Application

Cameroon CMT Release Form
*This release needs to be Notarized. Please mail the completed form to:
Catholic Mission Trips, Inc.
12063 O’ Bannon’s Mill Rd.
Boston, VA 22713


We will be staying at the brand new mission house in the village of Nkar.    We’re very excited about this new location as it will put us right in the middle of village life and allow us to interact with the people the entire time!
The only mandated shot is for Yellow Fever.  You are also advised to consider some secondary shots and use Malaria pills as a precaution.   You can get more info from the CDC here.

Passport Health is an excellent facility for getting shots.

CMT purchases Mission Trip insurance for all participants.  If you would like additional insurance you are welcome to purchase this on your own.
You will want comfortable clothes most of the time.  You will also want to have 1 or 2 nice outfits (think Sunday best) for meetings and church.

The climate is moderate and comfortable and it will be in the low 70’s most of the time we are there.

The process for your Visa is as follows:

  1.  You must have an up to date Passport.
  2.  You must have your Yellow Fever shot and proof of this.
  3.   Print out the Invitation Letter from the Bishop.
  4.   Fill out the Visa Application Form.
  5.   Send everything in as directed.


CMT is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.

“Mission” has a rich history in our faith and in the life of the Church.  The word itself denotes “sending” and just as Jesus was sent by the Father, he in turn sent out the Apostles.  Each of us also is “sent” by virtue of our baptism.

Because of this it is important when taking a mission trip to be “sent” by your community.  Not everyone can take time off from work, school or life to journey on mission.  However, they can be involved in other ways.    We encourage you to go to your community (family, friends, Church, work) and ask them to participate in your trip.

Important things to remember

  • You must give as well as receive.
  • You community should support you and send you forth both financially and spiritually.  You must however support them as well.
  • You should commit to praying specifically for them both before and during your trip.
  • You should commit to sharing your experience with them.
  • Plan a specific send off event where you gather as a group and they officially send you off. If you can have your pastor do this at Mass even better!
  • Plan a specific follow up event where you share the experience with pictures and stories.

Understand the Basics

When people donate to CMT it is Tax Deductible.  This means that businesses and individuals look for things to donate to so they can save money on their taxes.  They will get a tax receipt letter from CMT to give to their accountant.  This only takes place if they write a check.  Cash receipts are not provided.

You should make sure to write “Cameroon-Your name” in the memo area of any checks collected.  This way CMT will know that the donation is for you.

You should submit checks together and send them to:

Catholic Mission Trips, Inc.
12063 O’Bannon’s Mill Rd.
Boston, VA 22713

Your Fundraising Plan

Step One

Identify your sources:

  1.  Make a list of family and friends that you can contact and ask for support.
  2.  Do you have a Church community?  You’ll want to contact the pastor directly and request assistance.
  3. Church groups:  Find out what groups your Church has (like Knights of Columbus).  Many of these groups regularly donate funding for things like this!
  4. Work:   Don’t be afraid to ask the business where you work to donate!  Who owns the business?  Find out the right person to talk to.
  5.  Businesses in your town:  You will want to stay away from large chains that have a difficult donation process.  Instead go with mom and pop businesses.  Make a list of any that you frequent or any of the business owners that you know.

Step Two:


How will you take payment?  You can take checks, cash or credit cards.   Checks and cash are easy.  If you have family and friends from out of state then you might consider starting a Go Fund Me Page so people can donate via credit card.  This will also make it easier for people to share on social media.

If you decide to do this then make sure to let people know that if they would like to make their gift tax deductible then they will need to send a check.

Step Three

Download Supporting Documents

We have provided the following documents:

Print these out and use them!   You will want to print multiple copies of the Letter to local businesses and the CMT not-for-profit status letter.

Step Four

Schedule a meeting with your pastor.

  • Tell him about the trip
  • Tell him that you want to involve the community by not only seeking financial support, but by being sent by the community and by running an event for the community after the trip.
  • Ask him if you can make an announcement after all of the Masses.

Set up your Go Fund Me page if you have decided to do this.

Contact family and friends

Contact local businesses.

Fundraising Tips

  • Start NOW…   don’t put it off.
  • Be BOLD!
  • Make a PLAN and put dates on the calendar.
  • Stick to your Plan
  • Do something everyday.
  • Ask for what you want.


If you need pictures for a Go Fund Me Page or anything then you can download this Zip File of pics.